2020 House races: The House seats Democrats and GOP are trying to flip in 2020

via CBS News

Oklahoma: 5th District

Incumbent: Kendra Horn (D) Challengers: Stephanie Bice, Terry Neese (Primary on June 30, nine total challengers) Cook Political Rating: Toss-up Horn won the Oklahoma City-area district in 2018 in a surprise upset for Democrats, beating Republican incumbent Steve Russell by less than 2 points. While Republicans held the seat for nearly 44 years, state legislative flips in the district showed a Democratic trend building right before Horn's victory. Her campaign's hyper-local approach has continued on into 2020, though Republicans have tried to tie her to impeachment and presidential politics to nationalize the race in a district Mr. Trump won by 13 points. Republicans are holding their primary on June 30, and the top two fundraisers in the field are businesswoman Terry Neese and state Senator Stephanie Bice. Horn maintains a massive fundraising advantage and the largest county, Oklahoma County, which Horn won in 2018, is seeing shifting demographics that favor Democrats. The state is a safe bet for Mr. Trump to win in the presidential race, and with no Senate or gubernatorial election, Horn's race is the most competitive to watch in the state. If Republicans are going to have a chance of retaking the House, it'll be because of districts like these.