Terry Neese Issues Statement After Carly Fiorina Signals She Will Vote For Joe Biden Over President Trump In 2020

Oklahoma City, OK -- Terry Neese, Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, released the following statement today after Carly Fiorina signaled she would vote for Joe Biden over President Trump in the 2020 general election. “Joe Biden as president would result in open borders, rampant lawlessness in our cities, and a radical socialist agenda that will utterly destroy the America we are fighting so hard to preserve -- so the choice in 2020 could not possibly be more clear. Given the unique challenges our nation and the state of Oklahoma will face in the years ahead, I know President Trump is the only candidate who can make sure we rebuild our economy after COVID-19, end the rioting, uphold the rule of law, and keep our nation safe and secure for generations to come. While Carly Fiorina and I agree on fundamental conservative values such as preserving the sanctity of life at all costs, cutting taxes, and reducing the size of the federal government -- I respectfully do not agree with her decision to vote for Joe Biden in the general election.” Earlier today, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz expressed a similar sentiment about his former 2020 running mate: