The 10 most vulnerable House members in 2020: Democrats dominate

via Roll Call 1. Rep. Kendra Horn, D-Okla. Trump +14; Horn +1 Toss-up Horn’s district in Oklahoma City and its suburbs gave the president one of his biggest 2016 victories of the 31 Trump districts now held by Democrats. That 14-point margin alone has campaign operatives from both parties questioning Horn’s chances of winning another term. She is the first Democrat in nearly 40 years to represent the Oklahoma City area in the House. Democrats argue that the region is changing, with downtown development drawing young, educated professionals and a rapidly expanding Hispanic population that is more inclined to vote for Democrats. Her GOP challenger will have to win a primary first. Republicans are consolidating around state Sen. Stephanie Bice and businesswoman Terry Neese, either of whom they say would be a better fit for the district. Horn is so far out-fundraising them both, with $1.2 million in cash on hand on Sept. 30, compared to $643,000 for Neese and $217,000 for Bice.